This Coffee Farm Demystified Marketing

Swathi Chakravarthy
2 min readDec 8, 2020


And it’s more than just about the products you sell

Photograph by author

I have read countless articles about the importance of storytelling and how it paves the way to establishing a successful brand.

As much as all of it made sense in theory, I experienced the true meaning of storytelling, first hand, at a small coffee farm at Kona, Hawaii.

After much admiration of the tour and in awe of the narrative, here are my bite-sized takeaways of what it takes to make a great sale in the end.

1. The Open End

Allow the customer to sample your brand. This is the same as entering a new restaurant of a cuisine you are not familiar with, but you would like to try just anything small to understand what you’re actually getting into. We sampled 4 different coffees before the tour commenced.

2. The Customer-Centric “Once Upon A Time”

Indulge the customers in a story, of how it all came to be, but make it about the customer. Yes, the brand was born out of passion for said values, but the brand is here today to provide, in this case, delectable coffee to us that is unique to the Big Island of Hawaii.

3. The Ooh-Aah Factor

While keeping the main products of the brand as the protagonist, do not forget to include your side-kicks just for a sudden climax in your story. We were offered green peppercorn and believe me when I say, the oohs and aahs were real and loud as the spicy juices slid down our throats all while trying to listen to what fungus had attacked the coffee plants the previous year.

4. The Other End

The customers at this stage are excited about the products for it’s uniqueness along with their initial induction into the brand’s products. If the first three points have been taken up with sincerity and the right strategy, the sales usually occurs naturally. I may or may not have spent a smidge more than I usually do on coarse ground coffee.

5. The Extra Mile

Yes, the sale has been made. But, how do you ensure your customers remember you and come back to your brand out of pure emotional connection? You make it a moment to remember. We were served one of the most valued coffees in the farm, freshly brewed, much after the sale was made.

So, how can I tell this strategy of storytelling works?


I am a tea person.